Hip Hop

by Purplex

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Me explaining why I think the state of hip hop is so horrible, and how it's affected me personally. Beat is the instrumental to the song Books Of War by Mf Doom and RZA


This song,
This song is about my,
My favorite,
My favorite thing
In the whole entire world,
Check the title if you wanna know what it is..

(Verse 1)
Eminem, Macklemore, Aesop Rock,
Tech N9ne, Technique, Q Tip, Pac,
Grandmaster caz keep a cold flow crushed,
Grandmaster flash keep the melle mel pumpin,
Kool moe dee and the treacherous three,
Music is a thing my dad taught me,
Public enemy, Dre, Cube, Eazy E,
2 years old I'm a hip hop fiend,
Screw this mold of a punjabi,
Gun cock, 3 years old in my speaker,
Goes pop, With the reefer, N a glock,
That Notorious B.I.G held in this crotch on the block,
Mobb deep, Junior mafia, And the whole east,
Nas, Jay Z, They beef, When I'm like six,
Add 50 cent, G unit, D12, Snoop dogg and Pharell,
G rap, And you got my rap as a lil one.

I guess I was a crazy kid wasn't I..
You see, by 2003, at least for me, hip hop seemed like it was going in a good direction, But,
That couldn't have been farther from the truth, Because,
As the later 2000's, And the current state of hip hop will show you,
It's damn near dead..

(Verse 2)
Kanye west, Lil wayne, Rick ross,
Yelawolf. Humble the poet, N K-os,
Kaliko, Mayday, Brotha lynch a boss,
T.I. n luda, Bia bia get chopped and screwed up,
Little jon,
Ying yang,
Stuck in,
A binge,
Rap has gotten wack, Suck, Ish rhymes in the cypher,
Where's the soul?..
Stolen, With a bowl of false hope,
Nothin is original, It's all hoax,
Tellin us to get the bud and take tokes,
So we listenin to them..
Sick a the state of the hip hop game,
Used to help me through pain,
Now it just be lame,
No brain..
Needed to succeed in it,
Ecstasy and lean in it,
Leave it be, hind,
Now I'm into metal, Rebellion of a different kind,
With the pedal,
On the gas, No brake, All night, Crash scene,
Addict wanna be an MC, But I gave up...
Jedi mind tricks,
Rugged man, Jeff turner,
RZA, GZA, Del, El P, Earl sweatshirt,
And Tyler the creator,
Last livin remanence of rap,
Yeah I said it,
We don't need to rhyme cause we got somethin to say,
Hip Hop needs a good kick to the face,
Before the beheadin,
That the man has set up,
"Drugs, Alcohol, Violence, Getcha cred up!"
Fed up..
We should be,
But we ain't,
Miley wearin J's,
Kanye is a fake,
Now they dissin Macklemore,
Only rapper with half a sense to be helpin out the globe, (Yup)
Rap has gotten so low on the totem pole of respect,
No morales,
So pour up,
Anotha glass a lean,
Vaseline in ya ass, For the rapper's D...


released December 19, 2013
Purplex, RZA, Mf Doom, Books of war



all rights reserved


Purplex Burnaby, British Columbia

Aspiring hip hop artist from Burnaby/New Westminister BC. All feedback (good or bad) is encouraged! It'd also be great to find new beat makers or emcee's to work with.

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