by Purplex

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Remake of the Sweeney Todd beat by brotha lynch. From the viewpoint of a mildly schizophrenic rapper (in the song he's refered to as purple, so it could be me) who's tired of not being taken seriously, to the point where he's starting to go completely insane. He then focuses on getting back at the people who wouldn't listen to him, by kidnapping and torturing them. VERY brotha lynch hung inspired. I tried out a couple variations in my flow that might have come out a bit sloppy, any pointers on what I could do better would be greatly appreciated. "Mista gain" is "Mister gain" as in ed gain, not "missed again" like it sounds. Tweet me with your feedback @depurps Beat credits go to M.F.T.S. (Also) I know that the word "write" has a w in front of it, but its silent so I decided to use it for the "IRS" line


(Talking Intro)

I am original, I planned a vision so, Perplex,
I stab a bitch in her depressor anguli oris,
I nabbed da trick with an inventive angle, IRS,
I rite her sex letters, Then catch the hooker buyin' sweats,

Catch the hooker by her neck,
Place she won't expect, In the changing room of macy's, YES! (X3)

Think I'm goin' crazy this,
Letter book is empty,
And this lady is but faded mist,

Trachea's a bladed mess,
Back into the action,
And I'm rapin' on her face again,

Rippin' a part at her galea,
Aponeurotica, Cranium,
Guess I'm retarded and crazy, huh?

Split the bitch into, Eighty parts,
Tits n clitoris, Lady parts,
Caught her syphilis, Pain is AAARGH!!

Like I'm mista gain,
Quite ballistic and,
Siphoning the gas,
Right in the bitches ass,
Talkin' her shit, And she blast,
Purple?!? FUCK YOU!!!

Then come this kid,
Swanked out rich kid,
Heard the song and dissed it,
Purple know where dick lives,
All up in da crib, Talkin' to a chick, Snuck up and,
Follow into bed, Then I grab the fucker by the head,

Bitch talk again,
Rip off a limb,
Then I chuck em in the van!

Light's out crazy,
Flaming trachea rhyme's easy,
Psycho? Maybe,
I go bananas,
If you don't listen proper,
This hip hop ya bish,
So jus quitcha' talkin' shit,
Slitcha' wrist,
Fuckin' prick,
Purp in dis,
I be sick.

Syphilis hurts.
It burns...


released November 8, 2013
Purplex, M.F.T.S.



all rights reserved


Purplex Burnaby, British Columbia

Aspiring hip hop artist from Burnaby/New Westminister BC. All feedback (good or bad) is encouraged! It'd also be great to find new beat makers or emcee's to work with.

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